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Worry-free database hosting

Leave the complexity of database administration to us. We’ll handle setting up, backing up, and updating — so you can focus on building great apps.

Starting at $15/mo
  • text logoFully managed databases
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Powerful & scalable

Quickly and easily spin up a high-performance database cluster.


Worry-free setup & maintenance

Launch a database cluster with just a few clicks and then access it via our simplified UI or an API. Never worry about maintenance operations or updates – we handle that for you. Easily migrate your database from another location with minimal downtime and no additional cost.


Highly scalable

Scale up at any time to support your business growth.


Free daily backups

Your data is critical. That’s why we ensure it’s backed up automatically every day.  Restore data to any point within the previous seven days.


Automated failover

In the event of a failure, Managed Databases will automatically switch data handling to a standby node to minimize downtime.


Fast, reliable performance

Managed Databases run on enterprise-class hardware giving you lightning-fast performance. Run your clusters on Droplets (cloud VMs) with shared vCPUs or choose Droplets with 100% dedicated vCPUs for mission critical workloads.


End-to-end security

Databases run in your account’s private network, which isolates communication at the account or team level. Requests via the public internet can still reach your database, but only if you whitelist specific inbound sources. Data is also encrypted in transit and at rest.

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*Redis is a trademark of Redis Labs Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Labs Ltd. Any use by DigitalOcean is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and DigitalOcean.


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Learn how to quickly and easily spin up a database cluster.

Simple pricing & superior support


Simple, predictable pricing

Always know what you'll pay with monthly caps and flat pricing across all data centers. Spin up a cluster for just $15/ mo.

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World-class support & services

Three levels of support are designed to meet your needs whether you are a startup, small business, or anything in between.

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Detailed documentation

Get more information on product features, platform status, release notes, and limits, as well as details for our API.

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